What is the Penn BCP?

Become a veterinary medicine business professional


The Penn BCP is designed to provide business education as a supplement to your veterinary school curriculum. This well rounded program is ideal for ALL veterinary students and essential for those interested in owning a veterinary practice after graduation.  


The BCP is founded on the following four pillars:

  • Business Finance

  • Business Operations, Management, & Ownership

  • Business Leadership Skills

  • Career & Personal Development

Each year Penn VBMA hosts 8-10 evening lectures within the four pillars, workshops specific to complete your portfolio, and additional professional events. 


The Penn Business Certificate Program is an opportunity for Penn Vet students to 

What are the Requirements?


  • 12 Penn Certificate credits (each lecture counts as 1 credit)

    • Exception: the mandatory lecture series (2 courses) spans two nights and counts as one Category 1 credit total

  • 36 VBMA Lecture Hours (9 hours in each category)

  • Honors Portfolio

  • Two Mandatory Courses (hosted every other year): “Understanding Financial Statements” and “Revenue and Expense Streams"

 You are encouraged to attend more lectures than the minimum requirement.

Why Should I Join?

What you gain from the BCP

  • Penn Business Certificate (goes on transcript)

  • National VBMA Honors Certificate

  • Personal Honors Portfolio

  • Free Business Cards

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Preparation for entering the industry and finding a job. 

  • Impress your Future Employers!